Our real estate transaction went smoothly with Kevin’s help. One of Kevin’s traits which stood out to us is not just that he got the job done, but he is also genuine and down to earth. Kevin takes the time to share with you in an honest way, and as a friend, and lets you know his opinion when possible. In customer facing industries such as this, we find that people sometimes withhold information to save time, at the expense of the clients getting a comprehensive view of what really goes on. Sometimes expectations are set low so you would be happy with the results, even if the result is really not that good. It is scalable from a business perspective, I understand, but it also loses the humanity of these interactions, which is extremely important on the receiving end. People are smart enough to see through that. We really hope Kevin doesn’t lose the human touch as business continues to grow, because this candor is worth a whole lot these days. We were glad to have met Kevin and appreciate his help every step of the way.