Kevin is a trustworthy realtor agent. I recommend him to all home buyers, especially first-timers, for his effective strategies in house searching and negotiation, as well as his attentiveness to clients.

My wife and I were first-time home buyers. Since both of us were born and raised in China for the most part of our lives, we knew so little even about housing options in US that it took us a while to figure out the difference between a single family or a townhouse.

The Search

When visiting each property, Kevin would ask what we liked and disliked about it, so that he could understand our preferences. He’d also provide insights on what things that may or may not make buying the property a good investment. First and foremost, it was the location. Kevin emphasized on it very much, because “we can change our own house, but we cannot change our neighborhood”. It helped us weigh in on properties that were on busy streets and those that had schools or construction site close by. We are very grateful about his advice and now live happily in the neighborhood we bought our townhouse, but more on that later.

The Pace

We were on a 3-month lease, so we were hoping to move soon. Kevin said that our time frame was doable but we did not have our hopes high since we had heard about how competitive and crazy the market was even though we knew so little about it. Kevin eventually proved him right with his fast moving pace and responsiveness.

A nice place caught our eyes with its spacious and nicely remodeled kitchen the second day after we met Kevin. After we expressed our interest, Kevin contacted the seller’s agent immediately and found out that they would be accepting offers in 2 days. Given the time was constrained, Kevin took us in the very night and showed us the place. We didn’t end up putting down an offer because we didn’t like the floor plan and the location, but thanks to Kevin’s responsiveness, we had the opportunity to do so if we wanted to.

Kevin demonstrated his responsiveness again and again. Before we put down our first offer. Although it was a nice single-family house, we hadn’t really seen a lot of properties when we first visited in this house so we weren’t sure if we were ready to make an offer. Thanks to the crazy bay area housing market, the story was again that the seller was taking offers in less than a week. To make sure that we really knew our options and wouldn’t miss out on this house, Kevin took us to 7 other comparable properties in the nationhood over the weekend and did multiple visits to the one we were bidding to compare back and forth. This showed his dedication to clients a lot. After the comparisons, the house still stood out. Kevin and us tried our best in putting down an offer. In the end, there were some very competitive buyers and over-bid us by 20%, we couldn’t afford the competition. If we did get the house, we knew that we would live there happily knowing that we had carefully been through all the options we had with our reliable and knowledgeable agent, Kevin.

The offer

Kevin was very diligent when it came to offers. Before putting down the first offer, Kevin would give an hour of what he called the offer workshop, during which we went through all the terms such as what each contingency means in an offer. For every property that we bid on, Kevin would run an analysis on the recently sold comparable properties nearby to get a baseline of how much to put down in the offer. Additionally, he would collect the disclosures and run us through with every noteworthy detail. These would any buyers feel comfortable getting into a contract because you would know what you are getting into.

More importantly, Kevin would ensure that we could put down the most competitive offer possible with minimal costs and risks. Kevin had good relationships with different lenders each with their own expertise and advantages to the borrowers, so that we could shop the best rates and also be confident about having little contingency when several lenders pre-approve. This also saved us after we got into the contract. Our initial lender was not making progress fast enough because a shortage on the appraisers and the seller’s agent threatened about cancelling the contract since they received a much more competitive offer after we got into the contract. Kevin was able to introduce us to a lender who had a closer relationship with appraisers and was able to pull it off in time with also a competitive interest rate.

Overall, we feel very lucky to have Kevin on our side, so that we were able to close a contract for a nice and gorgeous home within less than 2 months since we started looking. Both my wife, myself and our dog have been enjoying living in our new house since we moved in. Although we moved really fast, we know that we did not settle down for anything less or unwanted, because Kevin had been there for us. I highly recommend him to any homebuyers.