My husband and I have been looking for houses for over a year, due to two main reasons: a) I’m very picky at choosing our first home; b) we are desperately saving each of our paycheck to be able to buy our dream house. The initial search in the first few months wasn’t that great. We initially interviewed a few agents in this area and narrowed down to one that is very experienced. However, she has very strong opinion and tried really hard to push us to buy early in a different city what we weren’t considering. We eventually had to give up working with her and start looking for a new agent.

We love the fact that he listens to us very well. We sat down together to go through our priority list and analyzed the neighborhoods that fit our needs and budget. We are very happy that he respects what we want and was willing to explore any possibility that fits our list. We were able to put in very detailed information on our like and dislikes and we received the most updated information on all houses that fits our interests.

Kevin is also very through with inspectional report and paper works. Every time we found a property that we like, he met with us at the property, gave a tour and answered any question we might have. He helps us to request disclosure in a really fast manner, and is always available when we have any question. He always helps us running marketing analysis and provided good comp and suggestions before we make offers. What’s more important, he helps us make winning bidding strategies.

Kevin is very professional and patient. We once put down one offer on a house with a huge price reduction. The seller gave us a very fair price counter offer. However, since the house is very close to a fire station, we changed our mind at the last minute and decided not to accept the counter offer even though it was very tempting. Kevin showed great professionalism and proved his priority was to help us get the ideal home that we’ll love and won’t feel regret. We had some discussion and adjusted our priorities after this. This was the first offer we made, and we definitely learnt a lot about ourselves and Kevin.

Then we finally found our dream home! Our whole family were very excited but also worried that we won’t be able to win it given our budget. Luckily we are with the BEST agent! Kevin maintains great relationship with many agents in the area, which makes the communication and negotiation very smooth. He’s very experienced with multiple offer situations and he would prepare us and let us know his strategy ahead of time. He tried his best to get us more information on other bidders’ price and the seller’s expectation. In this kind of situation, things could change every minute, he always keeps us informed on the offer due day, while he tries his best to figure out the lowest price that could help us win. Eventually, the seller accepted our offer even though we are not the highest!

Kevin helped us to get into contact with 2 loan agents initially. Right before we made an offer for our home, he found another loan agent from a different bank who gave very low rate and connected us immediately. We were able to get the lowest interest rate with a very limited time frame. We really appreciated his continuous effort towards each step of the buying process. The loan agents that Kevin prefer to work with are also very professional and trustworthy. The whole loan process was very fast and painless.

We are very happy with the price we paid for our dream home. A week later, there was an identical home down the street sold at a price that’s 150K higher than ours! If you’re also looking to buy a house in the highly competitive South Bay area, we strongly recommend Kevin as your agent because he’s the BEST!