About Kevin Lu
Real Estate Group

A lifelong Silicon Valley local, Kevin knows the Bay Area inside and out. This unique part of the world can challenge anyone trying to make their mark here, and Kevin knows how to navigate those challenges. He’s ready to help you carve out a spot in the distinctive region he’s called home since he was a child.

The Coach, Consultant
& Dealmaker

The Coach

Kevin loves and understands people, and goes the extra mile to understand you and your family. He’ll get you up to speed on the California real estate process, and be in your corner as your advocate and advisor through the entire journey. Bonus: thanks to his years of high school basketball coaching experience, Kevin is also ready to help you with your three-point shot.

The Consultant

For nearly a decade, Kevin worked for blue-chip consulting firms, helping major healthcare and financial services companies manage complex business challenges. When he realized his consulting skills could help families successfully navigate a daunting real estate market, the Kevin Lu Group was born. His business is built on trust, listening, and going the extra mile. Or two.

The Dealmaker

Kevin draws on his extensive background in business and biotech consulting to harness the art of the deal. He’s a straight-shooter, but a savvy operator who knows how to get you the best terms and satisfy all parties. He loves the process, and translates that energy into the exciting moment when your real estate dreams become a reality.

Why home sellers and buyers
choose Kevin Lu

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, The Kevin Lu Group offers a full end-to-end suite of services to meet your needs. To learn more about our specific buying and selling approaches, click below. Or, use the GET IN TOUCH form to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kevin’s real estate enterprise is built on his problem-solving expertise, his portfolio of local partners, and over 30 years of Silicon Valley life. Kevin is a data-driven guy who loves people, and there’s no place he’d rather be than right in the eye of the hurricane that is Silicon Valley real estate.


Times change. The economy bucks and rolls. Yet, Kevin’s level-headed approach, thoroughness, and commitment are at your disposal, even after the deal is done. He views his clients as lifelong associates, and is ready to step in to help you manage home ownership, improvements, remodels, rental issues, or whatever might come your way. With Kevin, you have a lifelong friend and business partner.


Buying and selling Silicon Valley real estate can be a wild ride. Kevin understands this journey, but also how to navigate it with a cool head and a good spreadsheet. As a seasoned veteran of the market, he sees the big picture and is a calming presence, even when the market is anything but.

We are a proud to be a part of the Sereno Group, a collaboration amongst the brightest, high-level agents from the Silicon Valley, SF Peninsula, Santa Cruz Coast, East Bay and Tahoe areas leveraging our collective industry intelligence to optimize every opportunity for our clients.

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