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A great real estate transaction is in the details. We make it our business to dial the value up at every turn with exceptional presentation, targeted exposure to the right buyers, and hyperlocal knowledge to bring you the best offer in the least amount of time.


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Leverage every opportunity in a fluid real estate market, starting with the perfect price point.


Selling a home is a highly personalized transaction with many details that influence the perception of value, like recent comparable home sales, specific property characteristics, curb appeal, and personal preference.


We do more than plug numbers into an algorithm. We provide you with a 360-degree valuation that utilizes every touchpoint to find the best time to sell at the perfect price point.



  • We’re human first–leveraging connection and engagement in negotiation.
  • We’re data-driven–supporting strong market positioning with real numbers.
  • We’re strategic–employing a variety of methods to bring the highest value on closing day.
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Real Market Experience

Selling: A Step by Step Guide

Selling a home is a major life event that can be complicated and at times emotional. With the right seller’s agent, it doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming or stressful event.


You can can count on us to streamline the process and answer any questions. From hammering out a strategy to closing the right deal, Kevin Lu Real Estate Group will be with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to sell? We’ll help you decide. Our process starts with a thorough walk-through of your property. We’ll use our eye for detail and local market expertise to help you identify ways that you can maximize your sale price before you list. This is where we put our hyperlocal expertise and data-driven tendencies to work for you, conducting a thorough competitive analysis and finding the right price point to attract buyers and bring in offers.

Our relationship with you as a seller is important. We want you to know that we’re working hard behind the scenes to come through for you on a great sale. Kevin Lu Real Estate Group provides full transparency on our game plan so that you feel like you have an all-star team taking care of your real estate transaction.


We know you’ll like the idea of getting the most money out of your home without all the hassle. Once you’ve heard our pitch, it’s time to put it in writing and move forward with your listing. The seller’s agreement is just a formality of the details we’ve already discussed.

Selling a home is a business transaction full of legal requirements, liabilities, and a necessity for clear communication. It can feel intense, but doing the legwork upfront ensures smooth sailing through the process of negotiating and closing a deal. We’ll walk you through the steps, covering all the required disclosures and even a few nice-to-have’s that will provide better transparency.


Taking these steps, like a pre-listing inspection will:


  • Protect the Seller
  • Increase Marketability
  • Reduce Surprises
  • Provide Accurate Data for Pricing
  • Calm Buyers & Facilitate Offers

This step is all about making a great impression on potential buyers. Kevin Lu Real Estate Group takes the time to get it right–highlighting your home’s best features with professional staging and photography. Why? Because staged homes help buyers commit. When buyers can visualize your home as their home, an offer is just around the corner.


At Kevin Lu Agency, we use staging as an opportunity to attract attention to key selling points and downplay any faults that may decrease the perceived value of your home. We understand that the difference between an interested buyer and a committed buyer is in the details.

Getting your home in front of the right buyers is our job. From listing in the MLS for complete distribution across all real estate channels to providing just the right push on every touchpoint, we provide an omnichannel approach to promoting your listing, leveraging all the right technologies.

  • MLS Listing
  • Dedicated Web Landing Page
  • Professional Photography & Virtual Tours
  • Social Media Promotion on Major Platforms
  • Featured Listing Content on Our Website
  • Digital & Print Distribution of Listing Materials
  • Professional Property Viewings
  • Open Houses to Generate Buzz

Negotiations are where the real magic happens. Kevin Lu turns deal negotiations into an art, balancing all the details for prompt and appropriate attention while gently nurturing the deal in your favor. While we do what we do best, you get real offers from qualified buyers with a simple breakdown to show you which ones are worth pursuing.


Kevin Lu can help you make quick deliberate decisions so that you can respond in the moment and never miss an opportunity to connect with the right buyer.

Once the purchase contract is signed, the escrow period begins. Escrow is the neutral third-party that handles the depository for money, instructions, and documents pertaining to the sale.


With years of experience in residential real estate, Kevin Lu has seen this process play out from all sides. It’s a delicate balance to keep the deal moving forward. But you can relax, knowing that you’ve hired an outstanding seller’s agent with skin in the game, personally invested in closing the deal.

It’s not sold until it’s sold.

Before & After

Minor updates, staging, paint, new countertops, and great photography can present your home in the best light possible. Let us show you how we can transform your home to get it market-ready.

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✔ Multiple offers on every home sold gives you optimal home pricing.

✔ Most homes sell within 7 days of listing.

✔ High demand and low inventory provide the ideal opportunity to sell.


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